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  1. Allergic rhittiis/sinusinis here. It's never occurred to me to try to ban others from doing *anything* in response to the situation, and I'm keeping that approach even if my kid winds up showing the same sensitivities or worse.

  2. la verdad chicos son personas increibles con una capacidad de transmitir tantas cosas a traves de ese microfono de reir y reflexionar increible y el verlos como realizan todas esas cosas como la estan pasando en este momento la verdad me da mucha envidia pero muy sana heee eso si seba te tiene que dar culpaaa jajajajaja abrazo gente y gracias totales por estar ahiiii

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  4. Gitte sier:Tenk at nÃ¥r du leser dette er du pÃ¥ plass i ditt nye hjem!! Kvelden igÃ¥r skal jeg leve lenge pÃ¥….Juleribbe pÃ¥ selveste halloween og familiekos!!! Et Ã¥r gÃ¥r jo fort og i dag er verden sÃ¥ mye mindre. Plutselig er jeg i stua di og du kan vise utsikt og diverse nÃ¥r vi skyper!! Kos dere masse…. Gleder meg til status rapporter og husk: gi deg selv litt tilvenningstid ogsÃ¥!! Stor klem søs

  5. So who would you say decides the “narrative” then? Is it directed by the campaigns? The media? Roger Ailes? The internets? It is weird that Bachmann’s mistakes were glossed over because she was one of the “winners.” And Herman Cain, darling of the first debate, has already been forgotten.

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  8. Congrats on your 50th post! I totally know what you mean about the commitment problem…I didn’t know when I started whether I’d be able to keep up with it or not. But with the amazing people I’ve met through blogging and the fact that my blog is an amazing creative outlet for me, I’m constantly inspired and motivated every day to keep doing it. Even on the days when coming up with good ideas is rough. Glad I found your blog!Stephanie

  9. ok, me again… I'm unsubscribing from anyone I find who is part of this money making program. Furthermore I'll be moving over to live video if this isn't all stopped. Most likely you're saying "well go, who cares, I've never heard of you" – guess what YT, the majority of people on here you haven't heard of and the majority of people you haven't heard of aren't happy!!!

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  11. Totally agree about the icons. Have never liked the icons much in the game and not helped by being partially colour blind. And so small, especially the buffs/effects.    

  12. Incidentally, I looked you up after reading an article on “how to read mathematics.” It mentioned how similar reading skills for fiction and non-fiction are used by professionals when reading math in papers and books. So I thought about where those came from…

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  14. ruby: yay, i’m a shoe hoe too!!!will: so whats the prize?nosjunkie: so glad you approve!s.s.: sorry to disappoint you, but its only me and the glug…bridget: hhmmm… its worth investigating…katy katy katy: mwaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaelise: teehee… a little tricky with a teenage knucklehead in the house

  15. Das glaube ich sofort. Hab den ersten Teil so oft gezockt, das ich das nicht mehr mitgezählt habe. :)Wenn nicht so viele Games zu selben Zeit rausgekommen wären, dann wäre ich mit Uncharted sicher schon lange durch und wäre im Multiplkayer zu gange. 😉

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  19. I'll admit I've never read any of Diana's books. However having just looked at her vast book list I'm going to add her to my reading list. It is sad to think fans will never be able to experience the thrill of reading a new book by her but at least they can still enjoy the legacy she has left.

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  22. dit :(Dom, ya le navy aussi pour le bleu marine) (et le camel pour le beigeasse dépressif)Sinon, ça m’interpelle cette histoire de mangue et d’abricot, paske ton vernis, là, je le vois bien abricot. Enfin, abricot breton, (oui, farpaitement, on a PLEIN d’abricotiers – haha – en Bretagne), ceci explique peut-être cela…

  23. Salut Jo! Merci pour le message, je cherche justement des endroits ou jouer au mois de mai, vous avez des suggestions de cafés ou de petites salles de musique dans votre coin? Je serai en solo avec ma guitare… Merci! à bientôt peut-être :)Roxanne

  24. Parallels were less than tenuous. And Christie hasn’t been “Hummana-Hummaning”, he’s just acknowledged the problems. OTOH – Has Corzine explained why he paid off Katz, or shown us the email correspondence he had when they were negotiating on the side a couple of years ago? Or did he send his AG’s office to court, spending our tax money, to keep his treachery a secret?

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  28. Well, HA! I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to make some fig newtons and would look for a recipe, wished that I could make them gluten-free (for my daughters family), sat down to the computer, opened your site and VOILA! Talk about a magic lamp! Thanks so much. Going to make these today. They look like perfection – both in appearance and taste.

  29. I have zero respect for Hollinger as a talent evaluator or NBA prognosticator. He’s a snake oil salesman of the highest order, peddling his worthless stats to dimwitted fools.That does not mean he’s not an NBA insider. My assumption is that his opinion on Bogut’s ankle came from the grapevine.As for your opinion that Bogut is participating in the Warriors training camp, I have no words.

  30. aku setuju dengan apa pandangan cik qaiser nur, tapi jangan la ckp “sori anda ni memang org kafir”btw, aku baca shakespeare jugak tapi dalam masa yang sama aku tetap baca novel melayu :). pada aku bukan kesalahan besar nak baca shakespeare pun. no offense :).Well-loved.

  31. Well, you are obviously a communist. I’ve had my suspicions for some time but not liking melon confirms it. My dog has white, brown and black hair, and that’s the «new neutral» I’ve decided. It goes with all of our stuff, clothing included.

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  33. i’m a little disappointed, although i was prepared for it. reviews are pretty much in line with brad’s view. i’m sure i’ll appreciate it, for what it is, and little more. i really liked tree of life, mostly because i was a new father at the time that i saw it. i LOVED thin red line.

  34. I completely agree that Beau was the best part of The Vincent Boys. I read this waaaay back last fall as a self-pubbed ARC and just remember having such a great time reading it. You should definitely check out The Vincent Brothers to see if Sawyer gets his HEA. I loved him in that book!Great review, Candace!

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  37. Blade Runner – I even bought a copy about nine years ago and give it a shot once in a while but after a good six or seven attempts I’ve never made it through in one sitting.Also, Inglorious Basterds – 0 for 2 on that one. I still have no idea what happens after the shootout in the basement bistro. (…That DOES happen, right – Did I dream that?…)

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  42. If you see him as RT only, doesn’t that make him a better fit for Dallas? Not that I’m saying they should use a 1st on a player you’re giving a 3rd round grade, but there’s nothing wrong with being RT only.The guy I want, if they opt to trade down, is Carimi. Guy looks like an absolute mauler on the right side.

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  64. Surprised that there is no mention by Eva Bartlett or other commentators of the almost daily firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel. People living in Ashkelon and other nearby communities live in constant fear of another rocket attack, and their days are punctuated by air raid sirens and the need to rush with their children to the air-raid shelter. Without denying the grievances of the Palestinians, Israel’s reaction is quite understandable. There is, of course, intransigence on both sides, but to ignore the reality ofof the situation gets us nowhere.

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  77. Hi Robin. Your comment about bomb shelters leads me to this question that I've been meaning to ask you for a long time: On the news we hear so much about the war raging in Israel – doesn't it effect you in any way?

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